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Snowmobile Rentals

Introduction - Snowmobile Rental Tips

Snowmobiling is a favorite past time during the winter months. If you plan on renting a snowmobile during your next snow-filled vacation, you will most likely need to secure your snowmobile rentals in advance. You'll find that once you arrive at your destination that renting a snowmobile will provide you with hours of fun.

While planning your snowmobile vacation, take time to find out more about the area you are visiting. Many places have regulations and limitations governing the use of snowmobile rentals, especially if you are planning to visit any of the National Parks.

Snowmobile Rental Operating Tips

When renting snowmobiles, the snowmobile rental operator should demonstrate the following operational and safety procedures. The snowmobile rental operator might also request that you demonstrate your understanding of these procedures before the snowmobile rental process is completed. Try not to be annoyed or impatient; the goal here is to enhance your snowmobile rental experience. The snowmobile rental operator should:

  1. Before renting a snowmobile, assess your skill level and provide instruction for the snowmobile rentals based on your experience.
  2. Check to ensure your helmet and/or goggles fit properly.
  3. Show you how to start and stop the snowmobile rental engine.
  4. Show you how to steer and explain the importance of leaning in when turning the snowmobile rental.
  5. Show you all the necessary controls on the snowmobile rentals and how to operate each.
  6. Make sure both the oil and gas in the rental snowmobiles are topped off and that headlight/taillights are operating properly.
  7. Always check the expected weather conditions before letting you head out.
  8. Point out the location and use of the onboard tool kit, safety kit, and all spare parts.
  9. Explain the signs of hypothermia and how to deal with it.
  10. Review proper hand signals, riding etiquette, safe riding practices and explain the importance of each.
  11. Explain the snowmobile rentals trail you will have access to.

Snowmobile Rental Safety Equipment

  1. Insulated, waterproof, warm boots.
  2. A helmet, preferably one that covers the face fully and that has a face shield. Goggles are acceptable. Be sure eye protection blocks 100% of UV rays to protect against snow blindness.
  3. A map of the area and a compass. If possible, use a global positioning system.
  4. A mobile phone (check beforehand to make sure the area where you will be operating the snowmobile rentals has coverage).
  5. For maximum warmth while on the sled rental, dress in layers and make sure all body parts are protected, especially the hands.
  6. Bring along spare gloves and hat.
  7. Clothing with built-in flotation devices if planning to traverse water bodies.
  8. Bottled water and energy-enhancing food/snacks.
  9. Extra blanket, spare spark plugs, extra fan belts, tow rope, flares, whistle, lighter/matches that are waterproof, flashlight, and an ice pick.
  10. A mounted, bright colored antenna flag, especially if riding sled rentals on hilly terrain.

Safe Snowmobile Rental Riding Practices

To help ensure you spend more of your time snowmobiling and less of your time dealing with unfortunate events, keep the following snowmobile rental safe riding practices in mind when riding snowmobile rentals:

  1. Never operate snowmobile rentals under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Besides the dangers involved in doing so, many states have tough laws governing operating sled rentals while under the influence.
  2. Ride in a single file, and stay to the right of the trail when riding your snowmobile rentals, especially when going around corners. If you need to stop the sled rentals, pull as far off the trail as you can. If your sled rental has broken down, however, remain on the trail.
  3. Pass others (snowmobilers, skiers, walkers) on your sled rental only after others realize and acknowledge that you are attempting to pass and then always pass on the left.
  4. Always be on the lookout for obstacles, hazards, groomers and oncoming traffic while on snowmobile rentals .
  5. If possible, always use the buddy system when snowmobiling.
  6. Pay particular attention to the terrain during dawn and dusk. Changing light conditions can significantly hinder visibility.
  7. Stop riding long before you reach the point at which you become exhausted.
  8. Stay on designated sled rental trails; never ride in areas where snowmobiling is not permitted. It is the only way you can do your part to protect the environment and respect private property.
  9. Always ensure you allow enough room to stop.
  10. If you see wildlife along your journey, do not interfere with their movements.
  11. Ride your sled rental only in areas with adequate snow coverage; avoid areas where soil is exposed.
  12. When riding at night, be sure to wear reflective clothing, and be sure to be fully clothed. Never night ride alone.
  13. Whenever possible, avoid traversing ice. If you must cross frozen water, reduce your speed so you can pay extra attention to potential hazards; never stop until you have fully crossed over the ice, and hold a steady speed if you encounter slush.

Snowmobile Rental Tours

Many snowmobile rental companies offer sled rental tours that allow you to head off on a trail with an experienced snowmobiler as a guide. If this is your first time renting a snowmobile, it might be a good idea to take advantage of these snowmobile rental tours. This is also a good way to ensure that you have someone from the sled rental company watching out for all snowmobile renters do not get lost. The snowmobile rental guide will probably take you to different places that you may not have been able to go alone. Snowmobile rentals are a great way to see the sights while having a fun adventure in the snow. A snowmobile rental tour is highly recommended to get the most out of your sled rentals.

Snowmobile Rental Tour FAQs

11-2-09 How long do most sled rental tours last?

Snowmobile rental tours vary in length. Some snowmobile rental tours may last only a couple of hours, while other snowmobile rental tours may last all day, from 6 to 8 hours. These snowmobile rental tours typically include resting stops at scenic locations and provide breakfast and lunch. If you are looking for a great adventure on your sled rentals, a tour is a great way to get the most out of your snowmobile rentals.

10-28-09 Will I see any local attractions or sights while on the sled rental tour?

Many times the snowmobile rental tour company you are renting your sled rentals from will plan for their sled rental tours to include sightseeing of local landmarks or other interesting things. Snowmobile rentals are a great way to get out on the snow and see things you normally wouldn't, all from the snowmobile rentals.

10-23-09 What should I wear while on a snowmobile rental tour?

Regardless of where you live, it is important to dress warm for your sled rental tour. Snowmobile rentals always mean cold weather, so dressing warm while on snowmobile rentals will allow you to have fun and keep your mind on the snowmobile rental adventure rather than how cold the snow is. While on sled rentals we recommed wearing gloves, warm socks, boots, a hat, warm pants, preferably snow pants, a sweater and a jacket. Wearing layers while on snowmobile rentals is also a good idea in case you want to add or remove layers due to weather changes while out on your snowmobile rental tour.

10-16-09 Is the snowmobile rental tour guide able to tend to any emergencies if it is needed?

Most snowmobile rental companies that offer tours have a snowmobile rental staff that is fully trained in snowmobile rental safety, CPR, first aid and if necessary, Avalanche certified. You will be safe on your snowmobile rentals with the snowmobile rentals tour guide.

9-28-09 My friends and I are interested in taking our sled rentals on a snowmobile rental tour. What if the sled rental company we are renting snowmobiles from doesn't have sled rental tours?

If the snowmobile rental company does not offer tours to its snowmobile rental customers, there are always other companies that do tours without requiring that you rent a snowmobile from them. These companies can be easily searched online. We also recommend using the Internet to find trails or popular trails in your area that you can take your snowmobile rentals to. Discovering new places and enjoying the ride is half the fun of sled rentals.

9-15-09 What is included in a snowmobile rental tour?

Many snowmobile rental tours include a snowmobile rental, gasoline for the snowmobile rentals, and lodging and meals while on the sled rental tour.

Snowmobile Rental FAQs

11-6-09 What should I bring when preparing for a day on a snowmobile rental?

When getting ready for a day on a snowmobile rental, it is best to consider what you will need for a cold weather day that will keep you warm and comfortable on the snowmobile rentals. This includes a warm coat, snow pants or thick pants, hat, gloves, sunglasses or goggles and sunscreen. You always want to be fully prepared when out on sled rentals, and this list should cover the bases of what anyone on a sled rental would need.

10-30-09 I do not know how to drive a snowmobile rental. Is it ok to rent a snowmobile rental if I do not already know how to drive a sled rental?

Many snowmobile rental companies will provide you with a training session for the sled rentals before you leave. In many cases, if you have experience driving a car, driving snowmobile rentals will not talk too much time to learn. As with everything, it is best to practice caution when driving snowmobile rentals.

10-26-09 What does it mean when the snowmobile rentals allows for a double rider?

A double rider on a sled rental means that it is a two person snowmobile rental. Some snowmobile rental companies will rent double rider sled rentals, while others may only offer single rider sled rentals. If you are interested in double rider snowmobile rentals, make sure to ask the snowmobile rental company if they off this type of snowmobile rental.

10-21-09 How many people can ride on a snowmobile rental?

Most sled rentals will allow for two sled rental passengers to ride the snowmobile rental. Most snowmobile rentals will accommodate one snowmobile rental driver and one sled rental passenger.

10-14-09 When is the best time to take a snowmobile rental out on the snow?

The best time to take your snowmobile rental out if first thing in the morning, because the snow has recently been groomed for snowmobile rentals. The best day of the week to take out snowmobile rentals is midweek because it is the least busiest time for snowmobile rentals and you will not be crowded on the slopes.

9-28-09 How old do you have to be to operate snowmobile rentals ?

Most snowmobile rental companies require a valid driver's license for all of their sled rental drivers. However, snowmobile rentals often allow a child of the age of 2 to ride along with an adult. The recommended age of a child who is riding on the snowmobile rentals is 6 years old.

9-15-09 Where can I take a snowmobile rental?

You can take a sled rentals pretty much anywhere there is snow. We recommend you ride snowmobile rentals on paths or trails that are safe and well-lit.