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Renting Golf Equipment


Renting golf equipment makes a lot of sense for people wanting to try the game of golf but who do not want to buy expensive equipment until they have decided whether they plan on taking up the game in the long term or not. It is also common for golfing enthusiasts as they are frequently wanting to try the latest and greatest equipment and what better way to do so than renting a driver or a whole new set before committing to the purchase.

Many golfers heading out on business or on a vacation don't trust the airlines to handle their golf equipment. Besides being mishandled, there's always the possibility of it getting lost forever. Then there are those travelers who don't have room for anything else or they simply forget to take along their golf equipment. The traveling non-golfer may suddenly feel compelled to play a round and renting golf equipment is just the right idea at the time.

Regardless of the situation, renting golf equipment shouldn't be too much trouble if you keep the following tips in mind.

Ten tips for Renting Golf Equipment

  1. If you know you will be renting golf equipment, it is a good idea to reserve the equipment in advance. That way, you're sure to have exactly what you need, when you need it. Most places in the business of renting golf equipment operate on a first come-first served basis.
  2. The degree of difficulty you'll experience when renting golf equipment upon arrival at your destination depends on where you're headed. If you're headed towards a golfing destination such as Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, Las Vegas or some other metropolitan area, your search should be easy.
  3. If you're on a cruise ship, check in advance with the ship's concierge. Many cruise ships now offer onboard and on-island golfing. If yours does, renting golf equipment onboard likely is an option! But again, reserve as early as possible for the best selection and to assure that you're not disappointed.
  4. If possible, try renting golf equipment from a pro shop, golf specialty retailer or sporting goods store. Rental golf equipment at a golf course is frequently available, but you may only be allowed to use the equipment at that particular golf course. That's a great way to rent golf clubs if you don't want to try more than one golf course, but if you want to try different courses, consider renting golf equipment at a retail specialty outlet rather than a golf course.
  5. If you booked a golf tour package and you're interested in renting golf equipment, check with the tour company. Many tour operators have rentals available for tour participants.
  6. Besides golf clubs, some golf rental outlets also rent golf apparel (golf shirts, shorts, and slacks for example), golf shoes and even golf training videos and DVDs. If you're going to play golf, you may as well look as good on the course as you can!
  7. Expect to pay a deposit when renting golf equipment. Besides the deposit, some places may require photo ID before renting out their golf equipment. If any of the golf equipment you're renting is lost or returned damaged, part or all of your deposit may be non-refundable. Always be sure to read the rental contract in detail.
  8. If you're planning to purchase golf equipment, especially golf clubs, renting golf equipment first is an excellent idea. Renting enables you to sample different types of equipment, which makes it easier to find the perfect brand.
  9. Your game will be better if you take time to get fitted with the right clubs. Clubs come in different lengths and the various lengths change the way the clubs play for every individual out there, since we all swing slightly differently. If you're taller or shorter than average, if you swing slower or faster than average, or if you're renting golf equipment for children, you'll definitely benefit by seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable store representative.
  10. Especially if you're a beginner, try renting golf clubs that have larger club heads. The larger hitting area (or sweet spot as the golfing World refers to it) helps eliminate wayward shots.

Golf Carts

Getting around the course is quicker and less tiring with a golf cart, so while renting golf equipment, be sure to ask about cart rentals. Most golf carts accommodate 2 people and run either on gas or electricity. Typically, only licensed drivers can rent/drive golf carts.

  1. All passengers must ride only on seats - not fenders, running boards or elsewhere.
  2. While in motion, passengers must not jump off the golf cart.
  3. Stunt driving and horseplay are not allowed.
  4. Drivers must slow down when approaching turns and must abide by all established traffic laws.
  5. Golf carts can only be driven/parked within designated paths/areas.

A Few Words About Golf Course Safety Tips/Etiquette

A round of golf lasts several hours, usually 4 to 5. Be sure to bring along plenty of water and to eat before or soon after playing. Also be sure to bring adequate sun protection including a hat and sunscreen. And don't forget to use them!

Be considerate of other players and refrain from making distracting or excessive noise while others are playing.

While playing, you should do your best to keep the pace up. Playing as soon as it's your turn and allowing others to play through if you're searching for a ball helps keep all players in motion.

Top Golf Destinations

These golf destinations represent's pick of the top golfing areas in the United States. Book your lodging and airfare right from these links for access to the top 25 cities that offer great golfing experiences.

Golf courses classify themselves as Public (open to the general public), Semi-private (a membership course that does allow some play to the public), Resort (part of a resort hotel property that allows play for hotel guests and limited play to the public, and Private (closed to all but paid members, although some have reciprocal agreements with clubs across the country).

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